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April 22, 2019

Sen. Burke Abandons SB 50 as Co-author 

Respected state Sen. Autumn Burke has withdrawn her co-authorship of controversial Senate Bill 50 by Scott Wiener, which would allow tall luxury apartment buildings to overrun 3,000 neighborhoods in California, from working-class East Los Angeles to middle-class Santa Rosa.
Burke’s withdrawal, confirmed by her office today, is a blow to Wiener, coming just a few days before the California senate Governance and Finance Committee votes on whether to back or reject Senate Bill 50.
Wiener, the radical San Francisco legislator who has called single-family homes immoral and blames yards for taking up space that should go to apartment towers, is pushing the unprecedented concept of tearing down thriving working-class and middle-class communities. 
His extreme concept has fueled opposition among all demographic groups and delivered Wiener a series of losses in the past 3 weeks:

  • The Los Angeles County Democratic Party unanimously opposes SB 50. (Wiener lobbied top party insiders for a revote, and was rejected.)
  • The Los Angeles City Council voted to unanimously oppose SB 50.
  • The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted 9-2 to oppose SB 50 (Wiener heavily lobbied them).
  • Gov. Gavin Newsom told KPCC radio that SB 50 “is struggling” and he is concerned by its “one size fits all” concept.
  • Social justice groups are lining up to oppose SB 50, including Tenants Together, SF Tenants Union, and Housing is a Human Right.

Four months ago, Wiener told The New York TimesLos Angeles Times and other top media that social justice groups were working with him to assure that SB 50 didn’t harm low-income people — a key criticism of his failed 2018 bill, SB 827. 
But Wiener’s credibility tumbled in March when ACT-LA, the social justice group he said he was working with, testified at the L.A. Affordable Housing Commission hearing that Wiener had ignored their concerns about low-income people and was no longer in touch with them.
SB 50, the greatest assault on working-class homeownership in California history, has drawn sparse media analysis of its impacts. We urge all Californians to go to our searchable, zoomable map to find out what SB 50 would do to your community and those of friends and loved ones. 

Go to Preserve LA for other informative articles of the efforts to defeat this idiotic effort Wiener is attempting to pass off once again.

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