Thank you for joining the efforts of neighbors across our City.

HERE is the online petition.  Please sign it and share it with others so we can help stop this massive development. Attached is a print version if you can bring with you when out in public to gain signatures when shopping, at the park, wherever you see SSF residents.

The City expects to vote on this during the April 25th Council meeting so time is short and work is big – we must get the word out to everyone!

Most residents have no clue about this and won’t unless WE reach them, or if we fail, they’ll see the building start – at which time it will be too late, our City will be destroyed.

Wed. April 18, 2018
10am – noon and 6pm – 8pm at the MSB, come see the plans, talk to the developers, listen to their sales pitch. And, stay focused to our goal – NO MASSIVE BUILDING near our existing residential neighborhoods.

Wed. April 25, 2018 6pm at MSB for RDA Successor Meeting where the developer will be chosen by our elected officials. At 7pm, the City Council is expected to sign documents.

We are also looking to hold small neighborhood meetings. Please let us know if you are interested in hosting one, or attending. We are like-minded neighbors who have worked to create our community and have watched the tremendous building boom the past few years and believe – Enough is Enough!

Our meetings will center on efforts to stop this building, not on debating the issues. There will be another time for time for that later.

There are also outsiders bringing in opposing groups, YIMBY’s (Yes in our backyard) and some are hired to stop those who oppose these developments — they have been in San Francisco and San Mateo and are now looking to make noise here. Therefore it is important that those who live here and will be impacted by this mess quickly connect with other residents to let them know the truth before YIMBY groups or others paint a completely different picture.

Most of us know we need more housing for our aging parents and adult children to be able to remain in our City. However, most understand this housing will be for newcomers to cut their commute short as they work on the east side near the biotech.

Please know we will keep all email addresses private and all correspondence will be with blind copies to ensure your privacy. Your information will not be shared.

Please respond to let us know if you are interested in helping with any of the following:

  1. Door to door ‘get the message out’ in Sunshine Gardens and other nearby neighborhoods that will be directly impacted
  2. Picketing at select hours at (a) at the PUC site (b) in front of MSB
  3. Post signage on your vehicle to help others become aware of this
  4. Gather signatures in front of local stores
  5. Donate $ to help the costs for these efforts (printing, website, etc)
  6. Host a small group of neighbors to inform them of these plans

Time is of the essence – we have a LOT to lose and not much time to save it – but if we work together – we can do this!

– Your neighbors

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